Sakura (2011)
Set of 5 images; C-type print : size 24 by 30.5 cm

Sakura is a collection of the prints made by enlarged pressed Cherry Blossom’s leafs and flowers. While being the national flower of Japan, Cherry Blossom is used to celebrate the arrival of spring. Furthermore does this popular flower represent the meaning of impermanence. Being in constant state of flux it is often times linked with various series of human life.

On 11th March 2011, earthquake and Tsunami affected Japan. This traumatic event happened simultaneously with the arrival of spring in the UK. While seeing the flower petal of Cherry Blossom in my back garden, I was reminded of my original home, Japan. As a result of my anxiety , being a Japanese artist living in England and not able to help my country directly, I decided to collect the flowers and leafs in order to make prints which capture this impermanent state of life.